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Construction of Gas Pressure Regulating Stations and Gas Metering Systems

Wide-area supply networks carry natural gas under high pressure. To make this gas available to the industrial or private end consumer who, in many cases, needs a pressure of only a few millibars, this gas must be depressurized. This is done using gas pressure regulating stations or gas pressure regulating / gas metering systems.

In such stations, the gas is additionally cleaned from dust or moisture carried along, preheated for reasons of physics and, if necessary, odorant is added to it. Safety fittings protect the downstream system from excessive or insufficient pressure.

Schandl GmbH has comprehensive and long-term experience in project engineering, construction, testing, commissioning, and operating gas pressure regulating stations and gas metering systems. Here, our range of services includes everything from turnkey cabinet-type installations to be mounted on-site, to major facilities which are prefabricated in the factory and then assembled and put into operation in dedicated buildings at the customer's site.

As a member of DVGW1 , we are not only certified according to DVGW G 493-1 for design, manufacturing, and operational installation of such facilities, but also take an active role in the pertinent committees. This ensures that our facilities are always state of the art.

Our scope of supply further includes:

  • Pressure vessels with HP 0 approval according to AD 2000 Code
  • Industrial facilities
  • Turnkey supply facilities for municipalities and industrial customers
  • Heating systems

1German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water