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Maintenance and Repair of Pipe Networks

We carry out all service and maintenance work as well as reconditioning and repair work on public and industrial gas supply pipelines. Here, we offer our customers a complete maintenance package which includes functional tests of gate valve groups, route maintenance, the periodic draining of condensate, and much more...

Our all-in-one service for your natural gas transportation system:

  • Maintenance concepts
  • Inspection of important points such as gate valve installations, condensate drains, geodetic measuring points, spare culverts, river intersections, and scarps.
  • Gas detection in wells and street surface boxes
  • Visual inspection of shut-off devices and enclosures
  • Inspection of the pipeline route for alterations
  • Condensate draining and liquid transport to the respective collection points
  • Functional test of fittings and pigging systems
  • Test and repair of pig passage indicators
  • Pig launcher / pig catcher maintenance (e.g. seal replacement)
  • Electronic pipe network inspection in built-up areas
  • Keeping the pipelines free of vegetation
  • Repair of drive units and gearboxes
  • Creation and execution of work procedures for decommissioning and commissioning of your pipeline
  • Suction-cleaning of shut-down pipeline segments for adding or replacing pipe segments, etc.
  • Commissioning of new pipelines or pipeline segments
  • Cold cutting using pipe milling machines or hacksaws (explosion-proof)
  • Switching operations and shutdown of pipeline segments for adding or replacing and commissioning pipe segments
  • Pigging operations including installation or retrofitting of missing components
  • Delivery, installation, and commissioning of pig launchers / pig catchers
  • Localization of steel pipes (position and depth) by inductive coupling and detection of markers
  • Application of Clock Spring sleeves to mechanically damaged pipelines
  • 24 x 7 on-call service

Your Contact Person:


Head of Engineering and Service
Nikolaus Prinzhaus
  +49 (0)89 / 74 34 40 - 0
  +49 (0)89 / 74 34 40 - 99