Pipe Network Monitoring

Periodic gas pipeline monitoring is of major importance in order to ensure operational safety and prevent gas accidents.E
Thus, the DVGW1 guidelines G 465/I, G 466/, and G 614-2 stipulate specific intervals for the inspection of gas pipe networks.
For this purpose, we employ most advanced gas detectors and gas concentration measuring devices according to the DVGW regulation G 465-4. Of course, we are also experienced in monitoring other fluid lines.
We have developed our own procedures and test criteria for pipework on factory premises, taking account of the specific needs and workflows of our industrial customers. We will be happy to advise you on how to introduce a customized monitoring and review program.

Our gas pipeline monitoring services:

  • Inspection of underground and overground gas pipe networks
  • Inspection of industrial pipelines
  • Inspection of gas pipelines crossing bridges
  • Inspection concepts

We also offer gas pipe network monitoring for municipalities and private households.