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District Heating

As an expert company certified according to AGFW1 FW 601 (highest level FW 1), we are able to handle all associated tasks in an effective and competent way.

Our activities include the laying of piping systems made of all legally permitted materials, with common nominal widths and pressure ratings, optionally including the required earthwork and surfacing work.

As a pipeline construction company, we work as contractors for a variety of customers. Starting with the installation of individual house connections, our range of services also includes laying new pipes, extending existing pipe networks in urban areas and finally creating isolated technical solutions for the development of local heating systems and constructing transportation pipelines.

Our technically skilled and experienced staff establish connections to existing networks by using hot-tapping according to AGFW FW 432 or pipe freezing according to AGFW FW 434.

The indoor installation of local and district heating lines in buildings as well as the construction of plenum spaces and the corresponding pipe equipment complete our portfolio.

1German Energy Efficiency Association for Heating, Cooling, CHP